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Monday January 4, 2021 school will resume to the hybrid model. Corhort A will attend in person Monday and Tuesday January 4th and 5th. Cohort B be attend in person Wednesday - Friday January 6th - 8th. 

Semester Exams are scheduled for Wednesday January 13, 2021 and Thursday January 14, 2021. Cohort A will be in person January 13th and Cohort B will be in person January 14th. Friday January 15th is an early release day. Class periods will held but shorten that day. 


McDonald High School Restart Plan 



  • Students will be divided into two cohorts A and B. 
  • Cohort A will attend school face-to-face Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday.
  • Cohort B will attend school face-to-face Thursday, Friday and the opposite Wednesdays of cohort A. 
  • The days a cohort is not in school that cohort may attend classes online and/or complete assignments virtually.
  • Students are expected to attend classes face-to-face and/or virtually as required by the classroom teacher. Expect to be engaged five days a week.


Arrival to School 

  • Students are asked to arrive between 7:35-7:45am. 
  • We ask that students do not arrive early and congregate outside the building. 
  • Students may enter the building upon arrival and proceed to their first period class.
  • Students in grades 7-9 will enter through the main entrance. 
  • Students in grades 10-12 will enter through the auditorium entrance. 
  • Students are asked to wear a mask as soon as they arrive on school grounds. 



  • The daily school schedule will be the normal eight period schedule students have always followed.
  • Cohorts A and B will be grouped alphabetically.
  • Students receiving special education services may have individualized schedules to meet their needs.
  • Cohorts will follow the daily school schedules when attending classes online. 



  • Lunch will be normal as in past years. Students may pack a lunch, purchase food from the vending machines, purchase a school brown bag lunch, or go home. 
  • We encourage students that can leave the building for lunch to do so. This will help with social distancing and times when students must remove their mask. 
  • Students are not to return to the building before 11:30am.
  • We ask that students do not arrive early and congregate outside the building.
  • Students in grades 7-9 will enter through the main entrance.  
  • Students in grades 10-12 will enter through the auditorium entrance.
  • Students are asked to wear a mask as soon as they arrive on school grounds.


Things to consider as you prepare for a hybrid model for the fall

  • Lockers will not be assigned due to social distancing restraints. Students will be permitted to carry backpacks to and from classes.
  • Water fountains will not be available. Students may bring their own clear water bottle to school.  
  • Do not purchase binders larger than 1” to allow for enough room in backpacks. 
  • Families that can should consider purchasing an electronic device for their student(s) such as a laptop or Chromebook to help avoid cross contamination with shared devices. Cell phones should not be considered a sufficient electronic device for academic purposes. 
  • We will have electronic devices available for students to sign out. Students will be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices while in their possession. 
  • Students may be required to follow the school schedule when at home and online. This means students may be expected to log into a class streaming live or students may be expected to work virtually from home completing assignments and tasks given to supplement in-class instruction. These requirements will be dependent upon the individual teacher’s lesson delivery.
  • The online portion of student education will not be the same as during the school closure in the spring of 2020. The academic rigor and expectations will be similar to the normal five day a week face-to-face instruction.


Please understand this is the first of many communications from the high school you will receive throughout the school year. We ask you to be flexible and understanding as the guidelines we receive daily often change and in turn we must adjust accordingly.  


If any family does not feel their child can participate in the hybrid model of education as outlined above, please contact Mr. Carkido to discuss other academic options. 


The high school has four lunch options for our students grades 7-12. Students have the option to leave the building, pack a lunch, purchase from vending machines or purchase a school prepared lunch. The school lunch prepared by the elementary kitchen staff is a brown bag type lunch. Students that receive a school prepared lunch, on any particular day, MUST stay in school during that lunch period. To purchase a school lunch, families must use Cash will not be accepted for high school lunches. The cost of a school prepared lunch is $3.00. Families may apply for free or reduced lunches by completing the 2020-2021 FREE AND REDUCED PRICE SCHOOL MEALS FAMILY APPLICATION provided in the students’ opening day packet.


The following menu is for grades 7-12 and will be repeated each week. 






PB & J Sandwich 

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Cook's Choice

Hot Pocket

Turkey, Ham and Cheese Sandwich

String Cheese

Broccoli w/ Ranch Dressing

Tossed Salad

Veggie Cup

Carrot Sticks


Carrot Sticks















USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider. This menu is subject to change. 

To improve communication we have continued with an “all call” system. Parents, please make sure you provide an accurate phone number on the emergency medical card to be contacted. I would suggest providing a cell number in case a message is sent when you are out and about. 

Students, parents and staff can follow me on Twitter @GCarkido for news, updates, and general information. 

Parents that drop off their children should do so in front of the school on Iowa Ave. Please do not drop off students in the Board of Education parking lot. High School visitors, there are visitor parking spaces available at the library entrance. Please use those spaces when visiting and enter through the library entrance. Additional parking for the high school is located at the football stadium lot. 

Students, please be respectful to our community and the environment. Dispose of trash properly and use the sidewalks whenever possible. Thank you for your compliance in this matter.

Students please do not cut through private property to and from school. Please use sidewalks whenever possible.

Parents and students, I encourage all of you to visit our teachers’ webpages for weekly lesson plans and resources. Links to these webpages can be found on the District homepage. Just click on Parent Resources, and then go to Teacher webpages.

ProgressBook is available to all parents/guardians of the district. ProgressBook allows parents to access their child’s grades 24/7 through the high school website. Parents and students can create an account on our website. Click on Parent Resources then ParentAccess. Any question please email [email protected]

Parents, please become familiar with the student handbook and with the rules and procedures that it contains. Each student received a handbook on the first day of school. The handbook can also be accessed on our website under Parent Resources then under Available Downloads click Student Handbook 2020-2021 . Should you have any question about anything written in the student handbook, please do not hesitate to call me at 330-530-8051.

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